July 31, 2016

The last two months

Finally - I get to doing a blog post. Its been an eventful month for me and definitely not for the better but not all is bad either - such is life. I have been super busy with an awesome project at work which I'm loving working on. Its always great to work with a team that is excited about service design and trying to help their business revolve around the customer not the products - makes our job so much more rewarding! June is always a pretty big month anyway as my sister and I have birthdays 4 days apart. I spent 2 days making a wonder woman costume for her 21st birthday party - lucky my mum is a quilter and I know how to use a sewing machine!

On the bad note, my long term boyfriend and I broke up - I've been trying to decide whether to put this here and chose to as I think its a part of accepting what has happened and help us move on. Its hard, but it wasn't nasty which is always good - its something we had both been talking about as we have spent so much time together growing up (we were together 10 years) that we needed time to become adults on our own. This is why this space has been a bit inactive and I hope you can bear with me as we sort out our lives.

On a lighter note below are some more of the story book drawings I have been working on. I have a picture of my colour palette choices - I don't plan them in advance but compare them as I go along. I've always been pretty strong in colour (I don't always get it right though) so I'm pretty bad at advance planning :P

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