May 29, 2016

Sneak peek on what I have been working on

Here is the first of my sketches and drawings for a personal project that I have wanted to work on for sometime. Its a story that I am writing which originally came to me in a series of dreams, little aspects of which have been inspired by the many places I have travelled to. This one is inspired by Egypt/Syria and all the beautiful, cluttered lantern shops where heaps and heaps of lamps hung from the ceiling. Thats why this page has been a bit quiet for a while because I had nothing to show as I have been creative writing not drawing. I started to get fidgety not illustrating so decided to drawing this one up.

As you can see above that I have been making an effort to keep my visual diary full of ideas and challenging myself to drawing rough sketches to go with it. This drawing is done entirely with my Prisma coloured pencils, my fingers have the beginning of callouses from where the pencils have been rubbing. This took quite a few hours but I'm really happy where it ended up. I decided to do the series with pencils as after my jungle repeat pattern drawing, I've discovered a new love for them. Hopefully I can share more soon. I have just been trying to figure out the story arch because as most know dreams are usually a string of incoherent scenes that make sense at the time but don't really have a complete story. Its been many years since I have been doing creative writting so it will take some time to get my head around it.

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