November 1, 2016

Exploring Hong Kong

Recently I came back from a trip to Hong Kong. I went to HK for a service design conference with a work colleague and then we explored for another 5 days. It was really good just to get away from everything that's been happening and was a much needed break. Hong Kong is so beautiful with lots of interesting nooks and crannies, street art everywhere (well in Cheng Wan where we stayed at least), small relaxing parks nestled in between the buildings. It was a bit of a melting pot of different cultures with them all layered on top of each in all the High-rise buildings, they use every inch of space they have. There are also an abundance on stairs, being on a hillside means getting to and from places means you definitely get a work out; especially when carrying a suitcase in 30 degree heat.

We went to the conference which was very inspiring and great to hear how different places and cultures look at and tackle service design thinking. We also went on a day of workshops to see how places in Hong Kong businesses work in a customer centred way. Through this I went to a place call PMQ which used to be the police married quarters (where police families lived) but is now a thriving little creative hub, with little Hong Kong craft shops and studios in the upper layers. We went to visit our team in Hong Kong which was great and we ate so much delicious food that day. We went to Disneyland for two days as my colleague is a bit of a Disney nut, it was hot but an interesting experience as the level of detail into everything that was in the park was amazing - also space mountain was Star Wars themed.

My final day I was there alone and went to a place called Stanley which a local said I should go to as its where locals go to unwind and eat pizza. It was a beautiful little coastal town, but I must say the seaside cliff double Decker bus experience on the way home was one of the most stressful journeys - how do I always forget I don't like heights. I tried to keep a bit of a concertina diary of the trip, which was difficult as we were only there for a week we packed it pretty full - as in I didn't go to the peak because we didn't have time to wait in the ginormous line to get the tram up. All in all it was a great trip, I already wish I was back there.

Through a window in our apartment building
Stairs everywhere
The sky line filled with buildings and air conditioners
Stanley, with all the cute little boats
Stanley has a walk that leads to a temple

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